Dj Sotofett

Sex Tags Mania

Location: Moss, Norway + Berlin, Germany

Booking worldwide

DJ Sotofett is with his wide span collaborations, productions & myriad of aliases one of the most releasing artist from Norway's extended dance music and leftfield scene since more than a decade and a half. His Sex Tags Mania (2004) label sees the home of left-of-center approach to traditional club music while the Sex Tags Amfibia (2005) platform outlets typically alternative projects in the vain of dub/reggae, ambient, experimental, jazz & rock.

The - less profiled but more active - Wania (2010) imprint is home for releases coming mostly from his own studio, while many DJ Sotofett productions can also be found on Honest Jon's, Laton, Keys Of Life, Acido Records, Fit Detroit & m.m. befriended labels.

As a DJ for nearly two decades, the musical source is simply rooted in the past five decades of dance & leftfield music. Whether it’s unexpected, unconventional, straight, or unreleased music it’s mostly presented as all-night or very lengthy sets – all with a heavy mixing tradition from Hip-Hop and Techno club culture.

As of now Dj Sotofett is finalising 10 albums, first one entitled “Noldus” will be released from October 2019 on Sex Tags Amfibia.