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Magnus International

Full Pupp

Location: Oslo, Norway

Booking worldwide

Magnus Sheehan spent his formative years sharing a classroom with infamous criminal David Tosca, but while the latent gangster was busy as the president of the chess club, Magnus delved into the notorious world of underground club music through the music of Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig and DJ Harvey. It was through DJ’s like Harvey and Larry Levin that Magnus eventually heard the call of the turntables, inspiring him to the reverenced pulpit of the nocturnal explorer, the DJ booth. When club culture fell apart in Magnus Sheehan’s hometown Oslo, the electronic music scene had to “push the reset button”  and it was through Disco that it found a new voice. “Disco is the Blueprint. It has influenced a lot of electronic music styles and everything is connected to it.” 

Magnus found his feet in the sound of Space Disco during this period, the “time-less feel” of the music resonating with Magnus on a spiritual level. Alongside Danny “Blackbelt” Andersen, Magnus made the first impressions on the scene with Kalle, Magnus and Daniel and Kryss Mitt Hjerte,  the first Tamburin release. Magnus formed a lasting bond with Tamburin label boss, and legendary DJ, “Prins” Thomas Moen Hermansen during these early years and when Tamburin morphed into Full Pupp, Sheehan was firmly inducted as an integral part of the family. Kosmetiske marked the first time Magnus donned the International badge for the Oslo label and came into the world around the same time Tosca allegedly revealed the whereabouts of the stolen Munch painting. Exclusively releasing music for Full Pupp over his substantial career, Magnus International’s discography has been concise, delivering club music with an emphasis on engaging beats and strong melodic phrases in the framework of disco’s familiar soundscapes.