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Full Pupp, Bogota Records, Kwench, Jaeger Oslo

Location: Oslo, Norway

Booking worldwide

Ivaylo is the last of the true Deep House soldiers, where deep is a feeling rather than a sound and House is an attitude more than a genre.

His career is rooted in Communist Bulgaria where as a youngster he played the drums and collected rare Jazz tapes his father helped procure from shadowy figures. It wouldn’t be long before Ivaylo would journey into electronic music, turning his attention from rare Jazz tapes to drum and bass and eventually House. Ivaylo remembers crackling telephone calls from this time, requests for friends to bring over the latest records from places like London, records that shaped Ivaylo’s love for House music and his perpetual love for the party and the colour in music.  

Ivaylo would play everywhere from London to Moscow and as he travelled the list of friends he gathered grew to include names like Jay Tripwire, Fred Everything, Mark Farina and JT Donaldson, friends and brothers that would share Ivaylo’s love for the deep emotive side of House music, perpetual curators of mood wherever they went. In the early 2000’s Ivaylo settled in Oslo, while preaching the wave of deep house, taking in the influences of his newly adopted home while expanding on his own musical education. A regular fixture in Oslo’s music scene since he’s played a fundamental part in bringing Deep House to the region through events, festivals and recently his own label, Bogota records. Established out of Oslo in 2014, the label is Ivaylo’s love for music and the deep personified through the music of his peers and his solo work. 

Central figure at Jaeger club in Oslo as an artist host, booking assistant and creator of their weekly Jaeger Mix series, you can find Ivaylo every Sunday back the DJ booth taking care of Jaeger Mix next guest followed by Ivaylo him self for an extended mix.