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Acid Symphony Orchestra

Location: Helsinki, Turku, Finland

Booking worldwide

Acid Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is an undertaking by the Finnish composer/producer/DJ Jori Hulkkonen involving ten Roland TB-303 bass line synthesizers and one TR-707 drum machine. The outfit of the eleven piece orchestra may seem discreet and temperate, but Acid Symphony Orchestra’s performances are unique experiences that range from deep symphonic tones to full-on acid techno madness. The orchestra takes the very foundation of all electronic dance music – drums and bass – and creates an ultimate version of it. The bass onslaught from ten 303’s and eleven men in black suits create a show that is hard to forget.

ASO music is not available on records. Only way to experience it is to see ASO live.

Every ASO member owns a TB-303 (or several 303’s), and have passion to one thing: ACIIIIEEEED!

Conductor: Jori Hulkkonen

All-time members: Antto Melasniemi, Aku Raski (Huoratron), Jani Lehto, Janne Puurunen, Jesper Dahlbäck, Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man), Juha Matinmäki, Jussi-Pekka Parikka, Kalle Karvanen, Kimmo Oksanen, Petri Salonen, Sasse Lindblad, Tatu Peltonen (Mr Velcro Fastener), Timo Ahlqvist, Tuomas Salmela, Tuomas Toivonen, Valtteri Mäki